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About Us

The LEMoN Armoury
123 Smithee Road
Vancouver, BC, V6A 1B2
tel. 604-555-1746
fax. 604-555-1603

The LEMoN Armoury is a ficticious organization created solely for a class project.

We are LEMoN Armoury Inc., a commercial manufacturer of top-quality reproduction weaponry.  Located in Vancouver, British Columbia, we manufacture and distribute a dazzling array of edged weapons, impact weapons, armour, and more.

Heralded the world over, the most prized of our products is undoubtedly our line of European sword reproductions.  In addition to our award-winning Scottish swords, we custom-design a range of swords to the exact specifications of a wide variety of clients.  Our customers include collectors, historians, re-enactment groups, the film industry, museums, and martial arts clubs.  To match demand, we employ a team of master swordsmiths and apprentices who are highly skilled professionals with years of experience in the industry.  Their knowledge of the history of these fine weapons adds to the authenticity and value of each sword we produce.

Customers can browse our online catalogue and order products through our website.  If you are a first-time customer in the Vancouver area, we highly recommend that you stop by our in-house showroom to view a sample of our product line.  Our showroom professionals will be happy to help you determine specifications and pricing for the weapon of your choice.  If you can’t make it to our on-site location, please feel free to telephone one of our customer service representatives, who will take you through each step of the ordering process.

LEMoN Armoury is a small company with a lot of heart.  We employ 3 master swordsmiths, 5 apprentices, 3 additional craftsmen, and a tight-knit team of business, sales, and support staff.  Whether they’re answering the phones or quenching the blade, every one of LEMoN Armoury’s 21 employees is passionate about what they do.  As a measure of our commitment to providing the best product on the market, we also work with several top-notch contractors when we receive a request for specialty items outside our immediate collection.  At LEMoN Armoury, we firmly believe that success is built on knowledge, hard work, and collaboration.  In return for your business, we promise only the best.


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